February 13

Newly Drawn Garden Layout

The layout I was working with was getting too messy and confusing. So, today I thought I would draw up a new layout.

I first looked at layouts (google map views) of some of my favorite gardens or gardens I know.

I wanted to make sure the borders of the paths and planting beds were clearly indicated on the newly drawn layout. I wanted to make sure there were simple shapes, so since the focal point is the center path towards the deepest part of the garden from the patio I embraced the triangles on either side of this center path, making sure they were as symmetrical and even as I can.

We had a snowstorm today, the first significant one in NYC in 2 years. My last measurement with a ruler in the garden was 7 inches and another inch was probably added after I measured that. So, I didn't do any physical prep work for the coming season.


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