My Favorite Things

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The single wheel hoe from Hoss Tools

Also known as a push plow. It's the modern version of an old tool that used be used in the earlier part of the 20th century.

Sun Joe electric tiller

A powertool that just works well and doesn't break the bank. I find myself using this whenever I have to get rid of grass in an area or I don't want to use a hand tool to break up firm soil.

Is it the best tiller? I'm sure it's not. Does it provide great value for the price and will it get the job done? Absolutely. I've had it for 2 years now and it continues to work great.

Fiskars long handled grass shears

This is a hand tool that I use frequently. It is my main tool for trimming and edging my lawn and grass areas. I like that I can do it quietly, so if you ever want to garden very early in the morning - while others are still sleeping - you can use this tool.

The long handled saves you from having to bend over, and the cutting head is adjustable so you can pick it up and twist it to get just the right angle you need for the job you are working on.

The blades are quite strong and the tool is very light. One of the blades stays still so it is very easy to place that blade against an edge of some type to cut along the edge of the lawn.